How to Use Inhaler

25 Dec


Asthma is one of the top ten killer diseases around the world. Tough it is not curable but it is controllable. Inhaler and epinephrine auto-injector is the most popular and effective medicine to control asthma. Until now no more medicine is invented to cure from asthma.

The most frustration news is that only 16% patients know how to use epinephrine auto injector and only 7% know how to properly use inhaler to control severe asthma. Rest major percentage are taking those medicine improper way to control asthma.

Dr. Rana Bonds recently has taken survey among the asthma patients and he comes to know that most of the asthma patients do not know how use auto injector and inhaler.

Who is responsible for this bad news of using asthma medicine wrongly? I think of course pharmacist , medical representative and  doctors are responsible for this. Patients should insult doctors because they pay doctors directly for for getting service. They do not pay for prescription only. It is doctor’s duty to show properly how to use the inhaler and epinephrine.

Patients also should read the instructions which are provided with the pack of inhaler.  To know more about properly using inhaler you may visit the line how to use inhaler

To use epinephrine properly you may visit the link how to use epinephrine

To learn more about using inhaler you may find some video from youtube

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Know your heart from Online

30 Nov

Know Your Heart from Online Tool

Heart is very important organ of your body. Without this organ nobody can live. So, it is very much important to know your invaluable organ with full attention. Recently scientist from USA Harvard school  has invented a software where anybody can check about the status of his heart. It is a great tool to know your heart.

In this heart software some questions will be asked and finally a report will come out. In that report many suggestions will also come out which can be followed by yourself to develop your heart status. We appreciate this kind of heart tools for patients. This is a great effort from the USA based heart organization HARVARD School of Public Health We appreciate for this kind of free tools for the people from the health institution.

After ending of answering some question when the result will come out then you will see a three colors containing with percentage of your heart’s status. Based on your answer the result will shows the color and percentage of your heart. Just go to this page and click on the button Begin survey

Without medicine many advices will come for you. Specially food related information which are good for your heart can be known from this result. You will be also advised for regular exercise. No more talking simply go the link of Harvard school of public health to know your heart from online.

Pollybiddut in Bangladesh Reveiw

29 Oct

PollyBiddut or Village electricity in Bangladesh Review
Electrification in village area is one of the most well known steps of Ershad Shorker in Bangladesh. We appreciate former president H M Ershad for taking this kind of great decision for the welfare of the villagers during his ruling period. It was proper and right decision for village development.  
But how this electrification is implemented? How people are enjoying this electricity in village area? Now it is not irrigation time. Usually in buro cultivation electricity is used in much. Now it is off time of using electricity in pump or deep tube well. So, logically electricity is consumed less than any other period. But also in this off time  the electricity load shading period is almost twelve hours. Every hour interval there is a load-shading in the village area. In a word almost 12 hours people have to stay at home without electricity in a day.
You may feel wonder after reading this article. But it is reality in the village. Not only the city dwellers but villagers are also in great trouble to consume electricity according to their demand. Comparatively city dwellers especially Dhaka dwellers have to face this problem in fewer dimensions. But in remote area villagers have to face this problem twice.
After coming power ruling Awamileauge Government is telling that they have done a lot to remove electricity crisis. But I do not see any improvement in the village area though it has developed a little in city area. So village area people are frustrated to see this failure condition of present government.
This is not a assumption based articles. It is written on real circumstances. I went to my village house in Fulbaria Upazila in Mymenshing district in Eid ul Ajha 2014 holiday. I saw every hour of two people have to stay without electricity. The most horrible incident was happened in Eid ul Ajha night. Almost 11 pm to 7 am total 9 hours there was no electricity in Kushmail village. Due to electric crisis meat was rotten in the fridge. 
Will the respective authority show the causes of this kind of long time load shading in village area? People want to know why very often this kind of long load shading is happening. in village area?
This is not the scattered incident in Kushmail village. Electricity shortage is a problem all over the Bangladesh. Everywhere it crossed the people’s patient. People are becoming more emotional and sentimental. Raipur incident is the bright example of people’s dissatisfaction on government management system for electricity in Bangladesh.
Village people want to get rid of load shading in Bangladesh. They want to sleep without any disturbance of electricity at night. But when this dream of villagers will be implemented? The villagers are waiting to see the nice solution of electric shortage in Bangladesh. Will the present government be able to solve this problem in his 10 years period?

Wrong Eye Surgery in Bangladesh

30 Sep
Wrong Eye Surgery is very pathetic incident both for the victims and relatives.Wrong Assessment of Eye Disease & Treatment in Bangladesh is very common incident. This is not copied and collected story from others. This was happened in my mother’s life. This is true story for a doctor in Bangladesh. Probably many wrong treatments are happening in Bangladesh by doctors in different sectors like my mother. It is happening both in government  hospitals and in the private clinics.  But what is the remedy of that? Is there any authority to keep record of wrong assessment and wrong treatment of doctors in Bangladesh? How long  patient will be victim of doctors? This kind of incidents are happening very often in the country. BIRDEM hospital incident just another incident what was happened for doctor’s negligence.

Wrong eye surgery

In May 2014 we went to the private  hospital at Raji Hospital in Dhaka to check my mother’s eye. Professor Dr. Mr Sayed A K Azad the chairman of Cornea department of National Institute of Ophthalmology and Eye Hospital  who assessed that my mother needs to add lance to recover her eye sight. Before taking decision of operation he should do proper assessment of eye disease but he did not do that. As a chairman of a department of cornea of  a national eye hospital how could he do this kind risky decision? He should assess first before giving such decision . But he did not do that.

In 02 June 2014 Professor SAK Azad performed operation to replace lance into my mothers right eye at Muzibunnesa Eye Hospital at Dhanmondi in Dhaka. After operation my mother sees nothing from that eye. So, just we have wasted some money and presented some extra torturing on my old mothers eye. We received nothing more than that from that eye operation from a senior level eye doctor.

Eye Specialist Doctor SAK  Azad

After two months of operation when my mother was seeing nothing then he suggests to do some test including FFA image test. In that test it was found that there is problem in the retina of my mother’s eye. So, he referred to Dr Professor Mr Lutfor Rahman the department chief of Neuro Ophthalmology of National eye hospital at sher-e-Bangla Nagar in Dhaka. After checking he advised to do MRI. I did that. But there was nothing found in the MRI. However from the  FFA image it was cleared that it was problem of retina and in the neuro nerve. She has problem in the retina and in the nerve told Doctor Luthfor to us.

According to Dr Luthfor it was wrong assessment by Dr  SAK Azad. Before changing my mother’s lance it was not checked or assessed properly before operation. So, he told us that my mother will not see anymore. It was meaningless operation with changing lance.

From a professor and from a departmental chief getting this kind of wrong eye treatment is really unexpected. As a professor he has done wrong assessment and wrong treatment. Now what other doctors are doing for the eye patients in Bangladesh? Who will answer this question? Is there any monitoring cell to observe doctor’s competence both in government and private eye hospitals? Is there any record of wrong operations of doctor’s in Bangladesh? This is our asking to the ministry of health and family welfare.

Eye Hospital in Dhaka

Mr Azad should take corrective action for his wrong assessment. Did he take proper corrective action for his wrong assessment? Who will look after this? Who will care for not happening this kind of wrong things from a senior eye specialist again? What is assurance that he will not do any more operation before assessing the real causes of  losing eye sight or sunny problem?

Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world. People are deprived of various fundamental rights. Medical treatment is one among others. People do not get proper  treatment in Government hospital, so they go to the private clinic, private chamber and hospital to get medical treatment. But very often they become victim of doctors there.

People have to pay huge money to get treatment in private sector. Patients have to pay 600-1000 Taka for initial visit to an consultant. There is no fixed fee for doctors-visit by health authority and there is no fixed operation charge also for doctors. So, doctors are taking operation fee according to their wish.

Human being will do error. It is really matter of frustration when this kind of wrong assessment come from a professor level senior doctor. But there’s should not be repetition of same kind of wrong assessment and treatment again. In this regard we hope the respective department of Bangladesh will take necessary action to decrease or not happening this kind of wrong assessment and  WRONG EYE SURGERY of doctor in Bangladesh.

What can you learn from this article about Eye treatment:

  1. Do not trust or dependent on one doctor’s  decision.
  2. Consult with at least two professors before taking decision of operation
  3. Ask them to check eye to find any other problem before sunny operation
  4. Just sunny is not the cause of eye sight losing.
  5. Try to know doctor’s previous performance history

Dhaka Dwellers are in Great Risk from Railway Mismanagment in Bangladesh

30 Aug
Dhaka dwellers are in great risk because of train’s hydraulic sound. From Kamlapur to Mohakhali in the

picture of the slum on the train line

middle of this area Khilgaon, Mogbazar, kawran Bazar, Tejkunipara, Nakhalpara area are badly affected. More than millions of people are living in this area.

Due to existence of slum both sides of train lines the train driver uses horn scatterly. Specially in the night and early in the morning when peoples sleep then very often the train’s whistle are rang. So, people feel very bothering and at the same time it cause of various health issues including headache, heart problem, brain problem etc.

Present government is not taking any step to stop to living slum in this area. It is great risk for public health in this area. If little efforts are taken then this problem can be solved easily. Simply they can take step to remove slum from the both sides of the train line. High wall can be built in the both sides of the train lines to resist access of illegal inhabitants in those area.

A lot of cottage are built both sides of train lines. Peoples live here in cook here, bath here. They are polluting this area. Not only that a gray market has been built up on the rail line. Few Kacha market in Kawran bazar, and Nakhalpara have been built up. So, people are always making unexpected traffic jam from trains.

To escape from the accidents train driver is bound to stop the train’s speed. At the same time almost all of the trains driver have to use hydraulic horn which is very harmful for children and older people. Probably it is not issue for slum dwellers but it is harming who are the residents nearby of this train lines. House owners, tenants, business owners, teachers, students all levels people are badly affected.

After independent many governments have come and gone but no government has take any effective measures to remove this problem. This is a burning issue. It is destroying our people’s life silently. So, without any delay present government should take immediate action to remove slum from the rail line in these Kamlarpur, Khilgaon, Mailibag, Moghbazar, Tejkunipara and Nakhal para area of Dhaka metropolitan area.


21 Aug


BRAC Bank is one of the fast growing private banks in Bangladesh. This bank was founded by BRAC NGO founder Mr Fazle Hasan Abed. Client service of this bank is very poor. Most of the branch has no enough staffs. Very often it is seen that many chairs are empty in the cash section to receive and deliver  money to its clients.

Today I went to deposit money to my own account of BRAC BANK but it is told from the farm gate and asad gate branch that I cannot deposit money to the teller counter if the amount is less than 50,000 Taka. What does it mean? What kinds of banking rule it is?

There are many account holders who have to send money on urgent basis. What they will do? Well, they will go to auto teller machine or atm booth to deposit his money. But the problem is that this money does not come to your account on the same day. That means you cannot deposit money or you cannot pay anybody through your account of brac bank on the same day or instantly if you deposit less than fifty thousand taka.

But some branches of BRAC bank take money less than fifty thousand like Zigatola branch. But it is a nonsense rule. I live in Tejgaon why I will go to Zigatola to deposit money to my account? It is wasting of time, extra trouble and pain as well as wasting of money. So, this is crazy rule of brac bank.

Customer service is very bad right in this moment. The bank should develop its customer service otherwise it will loose it clients as well as new client will not come to  open new account in brac bank.

Many private banks have good customer service like DBBL, IBBL Comparing with these bank the customer service of brac bank is inferior. Though instant deposit and account updating system is running in many developed countries around the world but in Bangladesh account holders cannot enjoy this facility yet.

Account holders can withdraw money from the ATM but they cannot get accounts update after depositing cash money in ATM booth. No bank in the country provide this service in Bangladesh yet. Usually it takes two or tree days to get updated balance of account.

Now brac bank customer dealing proves that this is the bank for rich people. It does not like to deal with middle class people. But it should not forget that it was grown by the savings of poor people. So, bank should have unique rule for all of its clients.

How to solve this problem? To solve this problem bank should employ more staffs to provide better customer service or they should develop their ATM deposit policy with instant account update system. We hope brac bank will take immediate action to remove people’s pain for depositing money in their account.

The brac bank is living on peoples money but they are neglecting a group of people to provide its service. It should not  introduce this kind of rule. I hope Bangladesh Bank will take proper steps and necessary action on this bank if it continues its deposit policy for its clients.

Top 20 Peaceful Countries in the World

5 Jul
peaceful countries

According to the IEP (Institute of Economics and Peace)the most happiest countries in the world are as following:

  1. Denmark
  2. Norway
  3. Singapore
  4. Slovenia
  5. Sweeden
  6. Iceland
  7. Belgium
  8. Czech Republic
  9. Switzerland
  10. Japan
  11. Ireland
  12. Finland
  13. New Zealand
  14. Canada
  15. Austria
  16. Bhutan
  17. Australia
  18. Portugal
  19. Qatar
  20. Mauritius

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