Amusement Park Nanadan Park Review

26 Dec

Nandan Park is the most popular amusement park in  Bangladesh. Yesterday I visited this park with may family on Christmas holiday. After visiting I have concluded the following advantages an

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src= border="0" alt="My family Picture at amusement park at nandan in Dhaka. photo IMG_0141_zpsf492a6c3.jpg"/></a>

This is my family picture which was captured from Nandan Park

d disadvantages of the amusement park of Nanadan Park.


  • Not enough direction map for travellers inside the park
  • Not developed food court
  • No uniform for Park staffs
  • Rider prices are costly
  • No boundary fance or wall in the west side.
  • Not enough kid’s play item
  • Some riders are too costly like water world
  • Less menu in the food court
  • No cautionaries for kids besides the rider
  • Not enough tent for travellers .
  • Not enogh roads for walking inside the nandan park.
  • Not good transportation
  • Ridere’s price is expensive
  • No feedback box for travellers
  • No first aid box was there

Good things:

  • Gentle and calm environment
  • Open sky over the park
  • A nice pond
  • Authority’s good willing
  • Friendly staffs
  • A lot of trees
  • A mosque (both for men and women)
  • Neat and clean environment

To read full review of the theme park you may visit Dhaka News

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